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kyle eyes
Photobucket Not Quite Friends Only.
I'll post public entries, though the more personal issues will be friends-only.
I've been gone from LJ for a really long time, mainly cause of school and personal issues (read: Lazyass behavior) But, I guess I may as well settle down for a bit. I mean, I'm already here.
Check out the external links for other nonsensical ramblings.
Little Factoids:
I live in Los Angeles.
I'm of Mexican and Arab descent.
I love music, and writing.
Can't go without writing.
Blarg. I'm a fangirl, I've just come to accept it.

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I haven't signed on in a LONG time

How as it!?

Awasome!! Gillan was a little sick at that time so he couldn't sing very well :S Anyway, I'm glad that I could finally see them!

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